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Crab Island is the popular name for the crowded gulf coast vacation spot near Pensacola, Florida. It is on the far edge of the Florida gulf coast, within driving distance from Alabama, Mississippi and Georgia as well as accessible by water. Named after a large sand bar just north of the town of Destin, this area has become notorious as a spot for those visiting to cut loose. The area is well known for promoting live music parties on the beach and in the water as well as hosting party barges which can actually take parties to the sand bar and away from the shore. Typical of most spring break hang outs Crab Island is usually associated with bikini contests, alcohol and fun. Crab Island itself has several businesses which cater food and drink as well as a variety of water games. In addition the nearby town of Destin can offer boat and jet ski rentals, Destin parasailing, kayaking and other water sport supplies.

The island itself is covered by shallow water averaging only 2 feet. It is possible to anchor off the sand bar and swim or wade to the party areas. The water there is also fairly calm as it is protected behind the Destin bridge and coastline. Most summer days an informal party will gather there almost like a force of nature. Supplies purchased from nearby Destin can be brought there for party goers to enjoy. In addition pontoon boats, party barges, personal craft and even large inflatable water toys become part of the attraction. Between those in actual boats entire lines of kayak and jet skis can be seen tied up like horses outside an old west saloon.

Although the summer fun can and does include the typical college kids, Crab Island is also a popular spot for families and older residents. Children too young to swim can be seen floating in life preservers right alongside their parents and other partygoers. There are even some local residents who have been coming to the island for decades. Some people even bring their pets although these are generally left to play on the boats. Between those who are too pasty to be local and those who tanned up for the occasion it is a true mixed bag of gulf coast music and great parties.

When visiting Crab Island keep in mind these helpful tips. There is no where to lay down on the island as it is entirely covered by water so bring a floating platform, floating air mattress or your own boat for when you need to get out of the water. We usually rent a pontoon boat. Remember the sun will be stronger than you expect so use sunscreen and don’t forget a sun hat. Keep in mind that things tend to float away so make use of a reasonably strong anchor and tie your materials up. Finally, stay hydrated. Whether you bring your drinks or buy them while there, remember to bring a carrying case for your drink or you’ll be holding it all day long.

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